Dems pan Biden debate showing Biden is done.

One prominent operative texted, “Time for an open convention.”All Joe Biden needed to do was deliver a repeat performance of his State of the Union address.

Here’s a shorter version of the text you provided:

President Biden standing behind a lectern with CNN’s name appearing repeatedly beyond him.
“A prominent operative texted, ‘Time for an open convention.’ Joe Biden’s debate performance fell short of expectations, with Democrats expressing concern over his stammering and stumbling. Despite some strong moments later, his shaky start revived fears about his ability to lead into November. While Biden’s team attributed his slow start to a cold, critics within his party voiced disappointment, suggesting it may be time for a campaign reassessment.” Biden

Fergus Cullen, a former New Hampshire GOP chair and “Never Trumper” who is considering voting for Biden, had warned that Democrats would need to reconsider their ticket if the president delivered a poor performance on Thursday.

After the debate, Cullen said: “Anyone who has watched a parent grow old, frail, and foggy recognizes what they are seeing and knows it only gets worse, at an accelerating rate, from here.”
Is there anything specific you’d like to focus on or modify furtherm.

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